Hello All!

My name is Itay.

I'm a visual designer & artist from Tel-Aviv, Israel.

The main focus in my work is motion design & compositing but I also enjoy designing interactive experiences such as web and mobile apps, games and digital art installations.

This website contains samples of my personal and studential projects from my studies at the Bezalel Academy of Arts And Design, Jerusalem (B.Des).

For more projects and work you can jump to my Vimeo, tumblr or flickr accounts.

I am available for freelance projects.

Feel free to contact me at ItayNiv@gmail.com for anything at all.

Have Fun.

I / O

Final project at the visual communications department at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and design, Jerusalem under the guidance of Erik Lerner.

I / O is an interactive experience that moves between the digital and the physical world.
A wooden marble run becomes an interactive journey: in the physical world, the game starts as
the player puts the marble in the very beginning of the track and the little marble rolls
its way into the digital world. The player must solve all three worlds with the help of a
Kinect camera, only before the marble finishes it's journey in the physical world.

The project aims to examine the relationship between the classic and digital traditions of
gaming - using traditional materials (wood and a marble), digital projection and motion capture.

Click here to view material from the creative process.


rega.im is an online platform for tailor made creative video albums.

This is an ongoing collaborative project with the talented Lior brauer.


CHORD is a musical 'one button game' designed for a mobile device.
The game was made in 'Gaming and Programming' studio with the guidance of Dany bacon and Harel Sheniak, 4th year in Bezalel.

you can play the game using the space button here.

A Presence

A project made in IDA 2 studio at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), study abroad program.
A Presence is an interactive project that investigates my personal space occupation in my apartment at 1316 EutawPlace, Baltimore MD.

Press here to view the site.

A Dream

A project made in Art Direction for Broadcast studio, third year.
"Once, I had a dream that i was playing the drums and I was able to fly".

Wikipedia Tags

Redesigning Wikipedia : a different way of reading a wikipedia page.
through jumping from one 'tag' to another one can browse the endless resources of the website.
Done in Information design class, 4th year.

Misc 2D Animation

Recent 2D animations.

Turntable Sequencer

A music insturment programmed in correlation to the circular motion of turntables, using two cameras that pick visual signals from objects that are put on the turntables.

A projects done in Max / MSP class, second year with Nimrod Ram.

Wood Work

A collection of wood objects done in my exchange student program at the
Maryland Institute college of art (MICA)

7 Deadly Sins

A project made in Communication by design together with Chen Gundar, second year. A photographed project that explores Jerusalem's urban architecture as a mean to define the 7 deadly sins. spontaneously photographing people that juxtapose next to each location in order to reflect a certain value of the specific site in correlation to the environmental, historic and urban aspect of the city.


A project made in typograpy design, second year. The brief of this project was to create a traverl guide.
I took the writings of Yitzhak Ben-Zvi, the second israeli president, who toured the middle east in 1904 and gave it a different look.

Stuff From the Basement

A personal project done in Communication by Design, Second year. In the basement at my parents house are piles of stuff from my family's history. Objects that belong to my grandparents, mother and father, my brothers and me. These objects lay there and absorb mold. I photographed and categorized these objects while trying to convey a family portrait from both sides of the family, and creating a narrative that follows 3 generations from the past to the present.

Miscellaneous Illustrarions

Illustrations from Introduction to Illustration class, first and second year.
Mixed media.